URDA Hosts the Japanese Delegation from NHK TV

Over two days, URDA has hosted a Japanese delegation from NHK TV in Bekaa and Aramoun areas, to learn more about URDA’s projects across its various sectors and their development programs covering all groups in need including the refugee and host communities in Lebanon. The visit aimed at preparing a documentary on leadership in humanitarian action, especially with regard to programs related to women and children, mainly Bassamat Center for psychosocial support and women’s empowerment.

The visit included several refugee camps in Lebanon where the delegation went over some of URDA’s projects specialized in the empowerment of women and the protection of children. NHK TV conducted an interview with URDA’s executive director who explained the situation of vulnerable populations in Lebanon and the challenges facing the organization on all levels and shared some influential stories about their experience in humanitarian work.

The delegation also visited a number of underprivileged families to get a closer look at their living conditions and interviewed a number of successful models of women who overcame major challenges to establish successful projects.

The delegation received small gifts from women and children, expressing their gratitude to the Japanese people who have left a humanitarian footprint in support of those in need in Lebanon through the Embassy of Japan in Lebanon and 特定非営利活動法人パルシック/ PARCIC.

It is worth noting that NHK TV is one of the most famous media institutions in Japan, where it chooses prominent organizations to shed light on their work where their representatives have come all the way from Japan to prepare this documentary about URDA, its work in Lebanon and abroad, its leadership in the humanitarian field and its professionalism while keeping the dignity of those in need wherever they may be.

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