URDA in Ramadan: The Month of Giving

Each year in Ramadan, millions of people around the world fast from sunrise till sunset. However, for many, the fast may be never-ending. URDA’s Ramadan activities aimed at alleviating the economic burden that people are suffering from and bringing joy to the heart of poor families in Lebanon.

Those activities aimed to encourage donations to support underprivileged Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian families and provide them with the following services:

Hot Meals: $5 donation has provided one person with (main course, salad, fruits, and juice) 33,011 hot meals were distributed

Food Parcels: $25 donation has provided families with several essential food items for a whole month, almost 23, 272 food parcels were distributed.

Eid Clothing: $50 donation has given children the opportunity to celebrate Eid with brand new clothes; 654 outfits were distributed.

Eid Gifts: $10 donation have drawn a smile on a child’s face and get him/her their favorite toy. 3,500 individuals benefited from our Eid carnivals.Ramadan was concluded with a great event for a number of children. URDA gathered more than 120 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian kids in an event full of joy, laughter, and fun in collaboration with Les Amis du Liban à Monaco, AMADE and YMCA Lebanon. The event included the distribution of gifts and offering dinner and fun activities to the kids.

Missed the chance to join us this Ramadan? You’ll definitely get your chance next year.

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