URDA Intensifies its Preparations for Eid al-Adha under the slogan “Giving Hope”

A few days separate us from Eid al-Adha where URDA shares the joy of this blessed occasion with thousands of deprived and low-income families as well as orphans in various Lebanese regions, taking advantage of the opportunity of the sacrificial season to distribute meat portions and the clothes to Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian families.

Under the slogan “Giving I Hope,” URDA’s relief sector has begun its preparations for the Adha projects through the antemortem inspection of calves and sheep to ensure they meet all Shariah and health requirements.

Therefore, the relief teams are currently touring farms and slaughterhouses across Lebanon and preparing name lists of the most deprived families in preparation to start the distribution process on the first day of Eid.

Thousands of deprived families are waiting for your support as Eid Al Adha approches them in difficult times.

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