URDA’s Education Sector Partners with Anera Within the YFS Project Funded by UNICEF

URDA’s education sector, in partnership with Anera, an organization funded by UNICEF, is implementing the Youth Functional Skills program (YFS), which comes as part of the youth empowerment project which aims at providing young people with future job skills that are required in a creative society based on innovation and building opportunities that are talent-based, in addition to other needed requirements. The project has completed its first phase and will begin with the second phase by the beginning of next week.

The project targets young Lebanese students who have dropped out of school due to deteriorating economic conditions and aims to offer intensive courses in English, mathematics, and computer with a number of instructors specializing in the field of education.

For our part in URDA’s education sector, we stress the importance of building partnerships with local and international organizations that we can collaborate with to help children and young people to achieve their basic right to quality education in Lebanon.

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