URDA Launches the Read Foundation-Funded Project “School in a Bus”

Funded by Read Foundation UK, we’ve finally managed to launch our School in a Bus project on the 1st of July at Al Rahman refugee camp in Bekaa.

This project aims to provide 300 Syrian children aged 6-14 with basic literacy and numeracy skills in conjunction with the Lebanese educational standards and curriculum which will enable children to continue into the Lebanese education system.

URDA launched the first program cycle in Al-Rahman refugee camp which will be operating for the next 6 months targeting out-of-school children to help them catch up with what they have missed in the school year and learn through game-based methodologies.

Education Program Manager, Hanan Al Omari, described the children’s reactions as showing utter spontaneous joy which showed on their faces once receiving the bus and emphasized that it will become a creative hub where children will be able to learn, play, and engage in daily activities.

It is worth mentioning that URDA teams adhere to public health standards and are taking the necessary measures during the implementation of our projects.

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