URDA Opens a New Basamat Center in Akkar Funded by AMA

In the presence of the Mayor of Al-Mhamara, Mr. Abdel Moneim Osman,  and the funding of Africa Muslims Agency (AMA), URDA’s protection sector opened a new Basamat Center for PSS on March 1st, 2020 in Akkar/Rihaniya, in a ceremony attended by URDA Vice Chairman Mr. Abdul Rahman Darwish and several mayors, as well as representatives of some local and international humanitarian organizations.
During his speech after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mr. Abdel Moneim Osman stressed on Akkar’s dire need for such a distinguished project, given the poverty and deprivation rates in this area wherein a diverse group of people live, the majority of whom are refugees. He then thanked Africa Muslims Agency for its humanitarian efforts to serve children, in particular, mainly those who live in abject poverty. Mr. Osman concluded his speech by thanking URDA team and all those involved in the project for their outstanding efforts.
In turn, URDA’s Executive Director, Mrs. Jihan Kaisi highlighted the objectives of the new Basamat center, which will target around 400 children of different nationalities over the course of the next year, where the protection sector will prepare an integrated program that will provide multiple services for children and their families through various behavioral and cognitive therapeutic techniques.
Kaisi expressed her joy to be part of the festive spirit that AMA has contributed to the lives of vulnerable children who expressed their gratitude with laughter, songs and bright colors that they painted on the walls of the center, which is now their new home.
“I am happy to be part of this ceremony and I love the activities which taught me about friendship, problem-solving and accepting differences,” said the 9-year old Tarek during the event. He then added: “I have learned about acts of kindness, patience, and honesty, which are concepts I will be teaching to my younger sisters.”

Basamat’s team has begun its activities with children who have suffered from psychological traumas or sexual and/or physical violence, in addition to those suffering from health problems that affect their daily lives and are therefore bullied by those around them.

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