URDA Concludes its Winterization Project

As we enter the third month of 2020, being 20 days away from Spring, we are delighted to announce the conclusion of our winterization campaign for winter 2019-2020 with many achievements thanks to the generous donations of our partners and supporters across the globe.

Our winterization campaign has resulted in helping thousands of refugee and underserved Lebanese families throughout Lebanon. In the past three months of winter, around 27,530 families were provided with relief and shelter services, which is equivalent to around 137,650 individuals including women, elderly and children.

In December,  7,602 families were provided with a total of 4200 blankets, 3835 food parcels, 105,106 liters of heating fuel and 264 tent rehabilitations.

In January, 8,892 families were provided with a total of 198,940 liters of heating fuel, 2,387 blankets, 300 plastic sheets, 21,740 bread bundles, 233 women hygiene kits, 120 mattresses, 6,596 food parcels, 1,887 winter clothes, and vouchers.

In February, 11,036 families were provided with a total of 2,135 food parcels, 81,090 liters of heating fuel, 2,112 blankets, 400 clothes vouchers, 100 fuel-operated heaters, and 6,000 bread bundles.

These numbers wouldn’t have been possible without the trust our local and international supporters had in us during the past three months. We hope we have proved ourselves worthy of everyone’s confidence in our ability to make a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable individuals throughout Lebanon.

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