URDA participated in the seventh conference in Brussels on “Supporting the Future of Syria.

Ms. Jehan Al-Qaisi, the Executive Director of URDA, participated in the seventh Brussels conference for supporting Syria and its neighboring countries, which took place in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on the 14th and 15th of June 2023.

The conference aimed to reaffirm the European Union’s commitment to and support for the Syrian people, mobilize humanitarian and financial support to meet the growing needs of Syrians in their country and neighboring countries, as well as ensuring political and financial support for countries that show solidarity with Syrian refugees and displaced persons, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and Iraq.

URDA’s participation in this conference strengthens its commitment to supporting the most vulnerable populations around the world in general and the Syrian people and the host community in particular, in coordination with the international community and local and international¬†partners.

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