The efforts of the shelter sector continue, this time in Akkar.


The shelter sector at URDA has completed its comprehensive Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project in the “Abu Ibrahim” camp in the Akkar region. The project aimed to address the difficult living conditions faced by the camp residents, particularly regarding sanitation and cleanliness.

Recognizing the urgent need for improvement, the field team in the shelter sector tirelessly worked on installing basic facilities to meet the needs of the camp’s 106 families. They installed 40 bathrooms, 20 sinks, and 20 water tanks.

Moreover, efforts were made to improve sewage systems and pave roads, which significantly enhanced the installed facilities, as well as the overall sanitary conditions and cleanliness practices within the camp.

To further contribute to meeting the water requirements of the camp residents, the families benefit from a weekly supply of 8,000 liters of safe drinking water

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