URDA’s Relief Teams are preparing to Welcome the Blessed Occasion of Eid al-Adha

As the joyous occasion of Adha approaches, URDA is diligently preparing to bring relief and happiness to the most vulnerable communities in Lebanon. Thanks to the generous support of multiple international donors, URDA has already commenced its distribution of essential items to those in need. In the region of Beqaa, a total of 156 clothing vouchers have been distributed, ensuring that individuals and families have the means to acquire new clothing for the festive season. In addition to the clothing vouchers in Beqaa, URDA has also reached out to North Lebanon, where 30 clothing vouchers and 80 toys have been distributed among the community. By providing these items, URDA strives to create a festive atmosphere and spread happiness among children and their families, fostering a sense of unity, dignity and hope during this special time.

As Adha draws near, URDA stands ready to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, ensuring that the spirit of generosity and compassion shines brightly in every corner of Lebanon. With more projects being planned and the collective support of donors and volunteers, URDA aims to make this festive season a time of joy and hope for all.

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