URDA Receives UN ECOSOC Consultative Status

Our management was informed yesterday afternoon URDA had been appointed the consultative status of the UN Economic and Social Council after a decision made during its meeting on June 6 upon the recommendation of the non-profit organizations’ committee.

Holding the consultative status entitles the appointed non-profit organization to engage in the activities of the Economic and Social Council and its affiliates, in addition to the UN Secretariat, programs, funds and agencies in various ways.

Holding this Consultative Status grants URDA the following privileges:

URDA gets the opportunity to participate in the Council’s work which includes the possibility of participating in discussions with the member states and the UN system according to the nature of the organization’s work;

The organization will be capable of designating authorized representatives in the UN headquarters in New York and in its offices in Genève and Vienna. These representatives will be authorized to attend the activities and conferences held in the UN and the other organizations as well;

The organization is also capable of designating official representatives to observe the meetings of the Economic and Social Council, its affiliates and Human Rights Council, in addition to, upon certain conditions, the general assembly and the intergovernmental bodies. These arrangements are to be updated to include other means of participation.

The organizations with private or public consultative status can provide written statements related to the council’s work, especially to the topics that fall within the context of this organization’s work and its permissions. The secretary general may share these written statements with the council’s members.

The non-governmental organization’s committee provides recommendations to the council regarding the organizations with the general and special consultative status, which is entitled to deliver an oral presentation to the council. The organization is entitled to make one statement to the council subject to its approval.

Committees and subsidiary bodies of the Economic and Social Council should consult with non-governmental organizations who have the general and special consultative status. Consultations should be arranged upon the organization’s request.

A committee of the economic and social council may recommend the organization in special consultative status in a particular area to conduct studies, investigations or prepare papers for the committee.

The organization will be able to consult with the relevant offices in the secretariat regarding the issues of mutual concern. Such consultations shall take place upon the request of the organization or the secretary-general.

The secretary-general may request the organization to conduct studies and prepare research papers.

In addition to the above, the organization holding the consultative status in the Council, and with the approval of the Secretary-General, shall have access to facilities including resources and accommodation for conferences and meetings related to the work of the Economic and Social Council. The Council shall also facilitate access to documents related to the economic and social affairs during special meetings of the General Assembly, as well as the use of United Nations libraries and other facilities.

We at the Union of Relief and Development Associations appreciate this appointment decision and are fully prepared to comply with it and to perform the required tasks to promote human service wherever it may be.

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