URDA Strengthens its Humanitarian Efforts and Provides Support for Lebanese Displaced from Border Villages


Beirut, October 26, 2023

In light of the current situation in the southern Lebanese border region, URDA continues its humanitarian efforts to provide support for the Lebanese families who have fled their villages due to repeated shelling.

In a humanitarian gesture, as part of the emergency response project, the URDA field team today, on Thursday, October 27, 2023, provided bedding essentials such as pillows, mattresses, and blankets to more than 319 individuals. This assistance was provided in the displacement centers in the city of Tyre in cooperation and coordination with the Union of Municipalities of the Tyre District, which shares in securing the needs of displaced people from the border villages to the city of Tyre.

These provisions follow a field visit held last week with the aim of assessing the needs of the displaced in order to improve their living conditions and ensure their comfort in these challenging times.

URDA’s team is set to continue its efforts in the coming days in several southern villages, including the areas of Shabaa, Al-Habbariyeh, and Kafr Hammam. Tomorrow, on Friday, the team will conduct a field tour to provide relief items and distribute 700 loaves of bread, 700 food portions, and 700 gallons of drinking water to the displaced families in the border towns of Shabaa and Al-Habbariyeh. Children received a special share of the provisions, with candies and sweets distributed to approximately 200 children to contribute to their psychological and social well-being.

Mohamed Ahmad, Director of the Relief and Shelter Sector at URDA, confirmed that URDA, with all its specialized sectors, closely monitors the destruction of homes and displacement of families in the border areas. URDA strives to provide assistance to as many displaced people as possible, especially by securing their livelihood essentials so that people can live with dignity. This is the least that can be provided. He also emphasized that URDA has prepared an emergency relief plan that will be implemented in case the crisis escalates and affects more areas in Lebanon. Mr. Ahmad extended his heartfelt gratitude to the donors, local authorities, and municipalities that contributed to coordinating this humanitarian effort to alleviate the suffering of the displaced during the current crisis.
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