URDA’s “Act of Giving” Campaign: Day Three

URDA offers 1,559 meat portions to more than 15,412 disadvantaged families

In order to achieve its human values of transparency, equality and professionalism, URDA completes the distribution of meat portions to disadvantaged families of various nationalities, bringing the number of sacrifices to 1,559, distributed to some 15,412 families, where 210 calves and 89 sheep were sacrificed today. The distribution areas included Aarsal, Bekaa, Chhim, Tripoli, Akkar, Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Sida, Habariyeh and others.

It is worth mentioning that URDA followed all the health and Sharia’a standards during the implementation of Al Adha project in various Lebanese regions with the cooperation and supervision of a number of municipalities, in order to ensure meat safety, where the sacrifices were transferred for distribution to beneficiaries in refrigerated vehicles, taking into account all the precautionary measures and conditions, especially in light of the high temperature and COVID-19 outbreak.

Until now, the total number of sacrifices as of the third day of Eid has reached 241,310 beneficiaries who benefited from the meat of 638 calves and 430 sheep. Tomorrow is another day of spreading more joy in the hearts of people who almost could not feel the arrival of this happy occasion.

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