URDA’s Basamat team and YMCA Lebanon Spread Joy Among Vulnerable Children

Children in various societies in Lebanon, whether Lebanese, Syrian or Palestinian, are subject to persecution and deprived of their basic needs and freedoms, such as living a dignified life in an environment that enhances the development of their skills and abilities. They also lack a psychosocial support system which offers them the emotional support they need in difficult times.

For this reason, the child protection program in URDA with the support of YMCA Lebanon is providing psychosocial support services to more than 250 children of various nationalities in the protection community center in Middle Bekaa, Bar Elias.

Children’s activities vary from emotional and psychosocial support to building relationships, trust, and healthy communication bridges between children. In addition, these activities seek to increase social integration through drama, dance, drawing, as well as written and verbal expression.

These services are essential and their positive impact is clear among children where they help them to develop their personality in a healthy way.

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