URDA’s Education Sector Resumes its School Activities at Al Nour School in Aarsal

Pursuant to the decision of the committee responsible for following up on preventive measures concerning COVID-19, which requires the gradual resumption of activity in the educational sector, in all its branches and cycles, within the framework of an integrated curriculum that takes into account preventive measures, URDA’s education sector has resumed its educational activities at Al Nour school in Arsal.

The joy of more than 500 students who returned to their desks after a long period of distance learning was indescribable. All school grades are currently prepping for their final exams which will be held in the first week of July, after which training and recreational activities will take place throughout the summer break.

Al Nour school’s project coordinator, Hamza Diab emphasized that students, teachers and parents face a real educational challenge, especially given the difficulties they face in re-establishing the skills and concepts that have been explained to students during the online classes, while taking into account the individual differences that have expanded considerably. Thus, closing the gap will require more time, effort and follow-up.

Mr. Diab added that the situation in the country has a negative impact on the educational and administrative realities, but despite these challenges, hope still exists and our educational mission continues. He also thanked the teaching staff of instructors and administrators and all those who supported this project.

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