URDA’s General Manager’s Speech on the Occasion of World Refugee Day

June 21st, 2021

Together we heal, learn and shine

In 2021, humanity is witnessing the presence of more than 82.4 million refugees around the world, 40% of whom are children. This number is increasing daily due to disasters, wars, and conflicts. However, they are not just numbers to count as they represent 82.4 million human beings, stores, and hopes…

June 20 of every year marks World Refugee Day, a day where we remember millions of people who were forced by circumstances to flee their countries and homelands to face an uncertain future filled with fear, hunger, poverty, and alienation. Those people spend nights and days in the freezing cold of winter and the scorching heat of summer depending on aid and extremely low daily wages striving to overcome the challenges of life in constant worrying and fear of an unknown disease. They spend their lives trying to survive and maintain any remaining hope, as there is no life without hope!

On this day we recall together nine years of hard relief work that URDA has taken on to support and assist refugees of various nationalities in Lebanon. Since URDA’s inception, we have made a pact to help every refugee and needy and here we are today working with refugees within seven different sectors including relief, shelter, healthcare, education, protection, sponsorship and livelihood. We work with men, women, elderly people and children alike. We build, heal, teach, protect, sponsor and empower!

Together we can do all of this and way more…

Proudly, we carry today through our work at URDA throughout the previous years the same slogan which the United Nations has announced for this day: “Together we heal, learn and shine!”

May every refugee day be an occasion we all can employ to support and assist refugees around the world.

Houssam Al Ghali
URDA’s General Manager

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