URDA’s GBV Program Offers Art Therapy to Women in Aarsal

Because creative psychotherapy has become one of the basic treatments offered by the gender-based violence program in URDA, a group of women who benefited from our psychosocial support sessions in Aarsal carried out activities that included handicrafts and painting, centered on the freedom of abused women and the way out of abusive environments.

Our GBV team is currently providing this method of therapy to Syrian women who suffer the consequences of conflict and crisis with a view to alleviating the psychological burden they feel. One of the team’s active volunteers stressed that art therapy is a psychological therapeutic approach based on artistic mediums such as painting, sculpting, and all that is picturesque as an essential tool of expression, as individuals not only rely on speech in the communication process, but also interact with artistic work in order to communicate their thoughts and strive to overcome their psychological difficulties.

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