URDA’s Humanitarian Initiatives Continue, This Time in Baalbeck

In the midst of the successive crises faced by the Lebanese across the country, including the deterioration of the economic situation, and the spread of the Coronavirus and its consequences, the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon (URDA) is intervening through the “Emergency Relief” project which aims to support vulnerable Lebanese families affected by the current situation by providing food parcels, especially in view of the hyperinflation which is affecting food prices.

In this sense, and with the distinguished presence of Al-Qadam mayor, Mr. Naji Hadcheti, URDA provided food parcels to 40 impoverished Lebanese families in Al-Qiddam in the Baalbeck area.

Mayor Hadcheti, as always, stressed the need to promote humanitarian action in the context of the difficult living conditions endured by citizens, praising the work of URDA and its spirit of harmony, embodied in its humanitarian activities by offering aid without any religious and inter-confessional considerations.

One beneficiary who received a food parcel that will allow him to feed his wife and 6 children, said, “URDA has always surprised us with initiatives that sustain our resilience and survival on our land,” then, he continued to thank both the municipality and the town’s mayor for their support.

It is reported that URDA’s field teams are deployed in various Lebanese areas to provide aid and relief to the most vulnerable groups in response to the winter storms. During December alone, around 90,083 shelter and relief services were provided to needy families.

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