URDA’s Livelihood Sector Implements its Ramadan Projects through the “Charitable Kitchen”

To accomplish the hopeful messages URDA has adopted this Ramadan, its Livelihood Sector’s “Charitable Kitchen” is preparing more than 800 daily hot meals for families of five individuals.
Meal preparation starts from 10 am with a supervision of specialized people taking Covid-19 preventative practices into consideration. A single meal consists of a main dish, juice, sweets, yogurt, vegetables and bread.

Moreover, the “Charitable Kitchen” is providing meals for Lebanese and Syrians equally, according to a strategy adopted to reach the most vulnerable.
Mr. Baraa AbuNouh, the Coordinator of the Livelihood Sector in Bekaah, ensured that the kitchen has both charitable and developmental purposes. This happens by giving a chance for family providers to work. There are more than 20 workers and 16 of them are woman from different nationalities such as Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian. Most of these women are widows or considered main providers for their families. Mr. AbuNouh has highlighted the importance of continuing this project throughout Ramadan and after, especially during Lebanon’s economic issues. The kitchen daily prepares about 300 kg of rice and 700 kg of chicken meals; knowing that the kitchen production capacity reaches 1000 meals per day.

Most importantly, this relief and developmental project aims to help reactivate Lebanon’s economy through working with commercial food enterprises, finding workforce and transforming needy consumer individuals into producers for their community.

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