URDA’s Achievements throughout the First 10 Days of Ramadan

As part of its seasonal projects and under the slogan “Month of Hope”, URDA completes its Ramadan projects in different Lebanese regions. These projects aim to support people in need with hope and assistance by providing food parcels and daily Iftar meals. During the first 10 days of Ramadan, 10020 hot meals and 13404 food parcels were distributed to 105058 beneficiaries in Bekaa, North Lebanon, Beirut, Aarsal, Saida and Mount Lebanon. 

Despite the covid-19 circumstances for the second year, URDA continues its relief and developmental assistance.

URDA has been operating all its sectors of different specialities to contain the effects of the economic, social and health crises afflicting Lebanon. So, these projects are not limited to food parcels and hot meals distribution. 

URDA’s Relief Sector always strives to reach the largest number possible for needy people from different nationalities. It also assures that Eid projects (clothes and gifts distribution) will be implemented during the last week of Ramadan to spread hope to all people in need.

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