URDA’s Healthcare Sector Concludes Supporting Training Courses for Mental Health at Rafik Hariri University Hospital

Part of the Supporting Mental Health Services Project at Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH), that is funded by the Norwegian Aid Commission (NORWAC), the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) concluded training sessions for 12 nurses from the department of Mental Health at (RHUH), on 26/4/2021. The nurses underwent 6 training sessions that showed them how to plan for recovery, how to manage response to tough challenges, how to achieve recovery when treating suicide thoughts and attempts, and how to accomplish full recovery for patients.

Dr. Abdullah AL Omari, Director of URDA’s Healthcare Sector, has ensured the importance of appropriate mental health for the community to overcome country’s challenges with more productivity. Moreover, supporting mental health services has become an essential part of the national response to overcome psychological pressures. The community has been facing many challenges like the pandemic, quarantine, international and national lockdown, and Lebanon’s economy downfall. With all problems Lebanon has been facing lately, the explosion of Lebanon’s port has resulted in trauma for all citizens, but specifically people of Beirut.

Dr. Iman Shantity, Representative of the World Health Organization in Lebanon, has stressed: “Mental Health is an important part of the public-health. It must be protected for health workers, adults, woman, children and the most vulnerable in our society.” She also said that: “We are fully committed to share reliable and evidence-based guidance on mental health for professionals and the public. We are also committed to improve access to mental health treatment for those in need.”

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