URDA’s Protection Sector Conducts psychosocial Support Sessions for Women and Girls Across Lebanon

URDA’s Gender-Based Violence Program which is managed by the Protection sector conducted remote social psychosocial support sessions for women and girls of all nationalities in Mount Lebanon, in addition to sessions that required physical presence at the protection centers in Bekaa, Arasal and Saida on various topics:

  • Daily pressures
  • Identification and expression of emotions
  • The Concept of trust
  • Choice and self-protection
  • Support Circle
  • The Active Role in Society
  • Gender-based violence

These sessions were aimed at highlighting the importance of protection, accepting the other and reducing pressures.

We request those wishing to register to contact the following numbers or send a message on WhatsApp through the following numbers:

  • 71-133801
  • 03-998913
  • 01-769060

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