URDA’s Protection Sector Carries Out the “Superhero” Activity to Empower Children

If we type in the word “hero” in search engines, we will find numerous definitions…
We’ll find a hero inside each of our children…

A hero might be a little boy who may have lost one of his parents and managed to get through, lead a decent life and become a man…
Or it might be a little kid who managed to overcome his fear and made new friendships in his school…
Or a kid whose teacher asked what they like to be in the future, and their answer was not limited to one profession.
We must look into the hearts of our children as there is a hero inside with different characteristics which we are striving to develop even further.

In this context, URDA’s Child Protection sector, specifically in Middle Bekaa, is carrying out psychosocial support activities for orphaned children aimed at boosting their inner strength by representing the child as a superhero by designing clothes made from simple materials to form Superman outfits.

Volunteers who are working in this activity seek to explain to the children involved that each child has a superhero inside his or her heart, to increase self-confidence and positive self-motivation.

This activity has been carried out in cooperation with the Spanish delegation of Sonrisas, which will continue in the protection centers located in various Lebanese regions.

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