URDA’s Relief Sector Distributes Aid to Needy Families Amidst Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

In the light of the crippling economic and financial crises under which the needy of all nationalities across Lebanon are suffering, the relief sector in URDA has taken the responsibility to provide relief assistance to the deprived Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian families.

In this context, field teams in the poorest areas in Lebanon are preparing to provide various relief aid, in hope that it may be a dose of reassurance to families who lack security and safety during such difficult times. Our relief teams distributed around 250 food parcels to Palestinian refugees in Saida in addition to 1400 hot meals to deprived Lebanese and Palestinian families, and 200 food parcels to Syrian refugees in Bekaa.

Poor areas and slums in North Lebanon received a large share of relief assistance where around 300 food parcels have been distributed to Lebanese families in the Bab Al Tabbeneh area and 200 others to Syrian families in Tripoli, in addition to 100 food parcels to Palestinian refugee families in Al Badawi camp.

It is worth mentioning that the relief sector is preparing to implement this year’s Adha projects under the slogan “Giving Hope,” which will be distributing meat portions, Eid clothes and children’s toys.

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Thousands of deprived families are waiting for your support as Eid Al Adha approches them in difficult times.

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