URDA’s Sponsorship Sector Continues Offering its Services to Orphans and Deprived Families

Despite the many difficulties and challenges faced by the Lebanese and refugees alike due to the current security and economic events in Lebanon which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 outbreak, URDA’s sponsorship sector continues to deliver monthly sponsorships to orphans and deprived families.

In June 2021, more than 500 cash sponsorships were distributed among 500 beneficiaries including orphans and extremely vulnerable families, in addition to organizing a number of recreational activities intending to alleviate the suffering of deprived children and families in Bekaa, Aarsal, Beirut as well as North and South Lebanon.

Since our relationship with our sponsored orphans has always been based on absolute humanitarian foundations and since their protection is our goal, our orphans have not forgotten to thank URDA for helping them and have expressed their joy through the drawings which they always send us.

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