URDA’s Education Sector Conducts a Training on Active Learning to the Teachers of Al Nour School in Aarsal

Based on URDA’s education sector’s principles regarding the creation of an active modern teacher, a training course on active learning was held on Friday, July 9th, 2021, in the Baalbek Palace hall with trainers Ali Tartosi and Hanin Saleh.

Through activities that included colors, clay, papers, and pens, long training hours felt like enjoyable interactive minutes that were based on games, exercises and movement derived from several theories of learning.

Project coordinator, Hamza Diab confirmed that the training conducted by the education sector in URDA is practical and applied directly to the teaching process at Al Nour School in Aarsal through a series of workshops and planning. The impact of the training is measured by the student’s attachment to the school and the extent of their academic improvement.

The training was concluded at the Baalbeck Palace hall, where participants thanked the working cadre for these enjoyable educational activities.

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