URDA’s Sponsorship Sector Participated in the Third Training Forum for Leaders and Experts of Orphanages Care Institutions in the Arab States

The sponsorship sector, in The Union of Relief and Development Association (URDA) in Lebanon, has participated in the third training forum for leaders and experts in Orphanages Care Institutions in the Arab States of 2021. The forum was held to discuss “Advanced Methodologies in Promoting Responsible Partnerships for Good Care of Orphans”; and it was organized by the Orphanage Institution Service Centre, member of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility.
The forum aimed to train governmental, private or civil Orphanage Care Institutions’ experts on best practices for orphanages services and programs. It also aimed for the coordination between the Institutions in the Arab States to develop organizational and human capacities.
Mrs. Shireen Mina AlRayyes, Director of Sponsorship Sector in URDA, spoke about the importance of building partnerships and the way they’re built in the Orphanage Care sector. She also talked about the effects of stakeholders’ inputs on partnership’s success and its maximized returns for Orphanage Care Institutions.
The forum’s workshops contained many topics, but most importantly digital technology and its role in supporting inter-institutional partnership efforts. This technology aims for promoting its services and digital platforms that’re considered as great efforts in strengthening partnerships between Orphanage Care Institutions.

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