With the support of URDA’s Livelihoods Sector: “Tuk-Tuk Project” contributes to stimulating the economic wheel in the Bekaa Valley

Lebanon is currently facing challenging economic conditions due to the ongoing financial and economic crisis. To provide job opportunities, the Livelihoods sector at URDA has implemented an innovative project aimed at offering an economic and convenient alternative to traditional means of transportation through “tuk-tuks.”

Thanks to generous funding from several donor institutions, tuk-tuks were provided to ten drivers in the Bekaa Valley region. These drivers utilize the tuk-tuks to offer transportation services for individuals and students within the Bekaa’s villages at very affordable rates.

These tuk-tuks have demonstrated significant success in providing a convenient mode of transportation at lower costs compared to taxis and other public transport options. Many

beneficiaries have noted an increased interest in using them, especially given the current high fuel prices and economic pressures.


One of the benefiting drivers from this project, Mr. Abu Ashraf, praised URDA’s role in providing these tuk-tuks and said: “I am grateful to URDA for providing me with a tuk-tuk. It has become my means of earning a living by transporting students at reasonable prices. It’s a lower-cost and safer option for students, and I’ve seen an increase in demand for my services lately due to cost savings for the users.”


This project, like others by URDA’s Livelihoods sector, serves as an excellent example of how to support innovation during challenging times and provide an economic and effective solution to transportation issues amidst Lebanon’s tough economic circumstances.

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