Legal Protection Sector

Believing that the right to legal identity recognition is a fundamental human right stipulated by international human rights law, the Legal Protection Sector at Urda works to enhance the legal protection afforded to the most vulnerable groups, including Lebanese citizens, refugees, displaced individuals, and stateless persons. This is achieved through providing legal awareness, legal advice, civil documentation, and legal representation with the aim of empowering them with a sound legal status.

Over the past five years, the following legal services have been provided:

1. Legal assistance (civil documentation and legal representation) for 2423 beneficiaries.
2. Legal awareness through awareness sessions for 3347 beneficiaries.
3. Legal counseling and advice for 4785 beneficiaries.

A total of 10,555 beneficiaries from the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon have benefited from these services.

The sector also engages in advocacy work for the rights of these groups by networking with relevant stakeholders and conducting legal studies to amend certain regulations that may hinder the correction of their legal status. Obtaining legal and personal documents enables these groups to integrate into society and access other services, thereby promoting sustainable development for both them and the community.

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