URDA Provides Vital Support for Families Affected by the Yasmine Camp Fire in Bekaa

Following the fire that broke out in the Yasmine refugee camp for Syrian refugees in the Bar Elias area of Bekaa on the morning of Saturday, August 12, 2023, URDA;s rapid relief teams managed to provide vital support to the affected families. The fire resulted in damage to 16 families who lost all essential necessities including shelter, food, and other essentials.

The aid provided included 344 hot meals, in addition to 1183 bread bundles, which were sufficient to meet the families’ needs for a whole week.

Additional assistance was also allocated to families directly affected by the fire. This assistance comprised 32 hot meals, 32 hygiene kits, as well as providing 80 ready-to-cook meals and 55 vouchers for clothing purchases.

These aids reflect URDA’s commitment to providing support and relief in emergency situations and crises. URDA is currently working in collaboration with local authorities to offer necessary support to the affected families and ensure their safety.

Furthermore, relief teams continue to provide aid and support to the most vulnerable families in various Lebanese regions as part of ongoing efforts to improve living conditions during these challenging circumstances.

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