Resilience of Lebanese Students Amidst Economic Chaos

As the economic crisis in Lebanon continues, a significant number of university students are facing a struggle to pursue their education. With over half of the population pushed into poverty, the dreams of these young minds are collapsing, and their potential is being lost.

Meet Marwa, a student at one of Lebanon’s private universities, confronting the harsh reality of economic collapse like many others. They weren’t prepared for the scale of challenges they now face, but they had no other choice and had to take on responsibilities at an early age. Marwa’s story is one of many for students seeking alternative ways to pay for tuition and support their families. In her case, she works as a teacher and shoulders numerous responsibilities to overcome adversity. However, this shouldn’t be the fate of our upcoming generation.

Imagine the potential being wasted and dreams remaining unfulfilled because talented minds like Marwa are preoccupied with financial burdens instead of fully dedicating themselves to their studies.

Education is the cornerstone of progress and development, and it is under threat in Lebanon now. Therefore, we cannot allow this situation to persist. These students deserve a chance at success without facing economic hardships.

From this standpoint, we must come together to support these young minds who will shape Lebanon’s future.

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