Al Nour School in Aarsal Launches its 2021 Summer School

Al Nour School in Aarsal opened its 2021 summer course on July 12th, targeting 500 Syrian students from refugee camps who have successfully completed the academic year.

The first day of the course started with songs and ice-breaking activities aiming at kick-starting the summer school with enthusiasm.

The summer course aims to support students educationally and to provide extra-curricular programs for awareness and entertainment purposes. The following areas have been identified:

• Science Club
• Sports Club
• Art Club
• Story Club

Project Coordinator Hamza Diab commented on the opening of the summer course by thanking the funding organization and URDA’s education sector manager for their great interest in setting up this course. Diab stressed that spare time can kill creativity, destroy activeness and crush educational achievements. Therefore, a summer plan has been developed to target students who have been involved in the current academic year, aiming at reinforcing information acquired during the year, as well as providing an education-oriented recreational environment to refine personality and nurture a healthy child.

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