Statement by URDA: August 4th Commemoration

August 4th: As the Pain Returns, We Return Hope

This year, August brings back a sad memory to the people in Lebanon. It is not even a memory since the wound is still open where it has become a reality that every one of us has to live every day. On 4 August 2020, the Lebanese capital was rocked by one of the most powerful explosions ever recorded in history which left thousands of victims dead and wounded and displaced and caused massive destruction of property and livelihoods.

On this sad day, the pain of every Lebanese resurfaces and so do our condolences to the families of the victims, our condemnation of this devastating crime, and our demands to uncover the truth and hold criminals accountable. Most importantly, as a humanitarian organization, we renew our resolve to harness our full experience, energies, and resources to stand by all people and all those in distress so we can save, protect and relieve the pain of those in need and to renew our pledge that we are where the pain of the nation and the people are found.

August 4th was not an ordinary day for Lebanon or even URDA where our teams were fully prepared and rushed to meet the call of human duty. We worked hand in hand with workers in the humanitarian field so we can help and save others over several months. We have offered, and still are, food, medicines, house renovations, hospital equipment, as well as health care and psychosocial support to hundreds of people affected by Beirut Blast.

Despite all the pain engulfing our country amidst multiple crises, we at URDA will make sure to renew the hope that we will remain with all people along with our partners in humanity, and to renew hope for a better homeland governed by law and social justice, and we will continue to work until that hope is realized.



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