AMA Distributes Winter Relief Aid to the Poor in Lebanon

Winter for refugees is quite different from the one experienced by many across the globe where it arrives with more tragedies. Every year, refugees are forced to face the wrath of winter with howling wind, torrential rain, and heavy snow without proper shelter or basic needs to survive this season.

In cooperation with URDA,¬† the African Muslims Agency (AMA) launched the “Winter Rescue” project for underserved Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese families in Bekaa, Aarsal, Saida, and Akkar, which included the distribution of heating fuel, food parcels, winter blankets, and clothes, in addition to medicines to 500 patients. Around 1,370 families (6,850 beneficiaries) benefited from this humanitarian project.

AMA also managed to help URDA secure several bulldozers to open roads that have been closed due to the accumulation of snow, to facilitate the passage of residents and vehicles and ensure the delivery of relief items to the camps in the remote areas that are most affected by this weather. AMA successfully managed to help 10,000 underserved individuals through this project, which like other AMA projects stems from the mission and culture of the South African society, which is known for its generosity and humanitarian principles.

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