AMA Ladies Delegation in a Field Visit to URDA’s Refugee Camps

Last Monday, a women’s delegation from the Africa Muslims Agency SA comprising 10 humanitarian women who came all the way to Lebanon in a humanitarian mission where their visit is expected to continue until the end of the week. This mission aims at visiting AMA’s humanitarian projects in various Lebanese areas, establishing a community center in the Akkar area, supporting poor families throughout Lebanon.

The visit’s program focuses on educational and vocational projects targeting dropout youth. The delegation will also visit AMA’s project to restore and rebuild the destroyed refugee camp in Aarsal.

The first stop was at URDA’s Aramoun Compound, where the ladies distributed hygiene kits on women and visited female workers at the charitable bakery, sewing workshop, and charitable kitchen. The delegation then met a number of families living there.

The second stop was in the Bekaa to visit several URDA projects at the community center in Bar Elias areas where they participated in group activities conducted by the #Basamat Psychosocial Support team. The ladies stopped at AMA’s charitable bakery where they distribute bread, hygiene kits and candies on underprivileged families.

During the fourth day, the delegation headed North to Akkar to visit Al-Inmaa refugee camp where they participated in several group activities and distributed bicycles on 20 orphan girls and boys.

Today’s tour will include visiting the community center in Aarsal and participating in psychosocial support group activities with the Basamat team. The delegation will then distribute candies on children and women, as well as food parcels on underprivileged families in camps. Participants will also AMA’s project for the rehabilitation of tents.

AMA ladies delegation will end its tour tomorrow in Shatila and Burj Al Barajneh refugee camps before heading south to saida to visit some poor families and examine their situation.

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