URDA Calls Upon Protesters to Remain Civil and Peaceful

Due to the current civil movements happening throughout Lebanon, URDA calls citizens to stick to a peaceful resistance, abide by the law and respect the freedom and properties of others’. The Union considers vandals and those who encroach on security forces or private and public properties, corrupt and unpatriotic.  URDA reminds all citizens of the importance of allowing ambulances, medical professionals, civil defense, red cross and paramedics to pass through blocked roads in addition to taking into account humanitarian cases.

URDA believes in the right of nations to peaceful demonstration and protest being a basic human right as stipulated by the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in 1966, noting that freedom of expression including peaceful protesting are basic rights stated in and protected by the Lebanese constitution, article 13.  However, we call upon all citizens to maintain peace and public and private properties, otherwise this will make them violators of law.

May our country and people be safe from any harm… 

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