Little Retaj: Hope for a Speedy Recovery

With a deadly poison in her body, the smile of little Retaj has been absent for four days now leaving her suffering in bed with a frail body and a pale face. Her sky blue eyes that used to carry hope and love for life have been closed for four days now as her body fights poison.
The three-year-old Retaj was exposed to poison upon playing with a bottle of a product used to kill roaches she found in her tent. Retaj’s condition deteriorated in a matter of 15 minutes when her mother tried to bathe her, thinking she would be able to prevent the poison from spreading in her body.
Retaj’s parents quickly admitted her into a hospital near their refugee camp in Bekaa, then she was transferred to Rafik Hariri University Hospital to be under the supervision of a specialist in the ICU.
Dr. Abdullah Al Omari, URDA’s healthcare program manager, checked on Retaj’s health condition and informed us that she is in a coma due to her inhalation of pesticides which she might have swallowed as well, not to mention that her contact with water made her condition worse.
Due to this and other recent incidents among children in a number of refugee camps, URDA’s protection sector is preparing an awareness campaign for families and children concerning such issues. One of URDA’s centers will be named after Retaj in recognition of this little warrior’s courage and determination for life.
The glow in Retaj’s eyes will be back soon. The hope for her speedy recovery will be fulfilled with the help of Africa Muslims Agency SA, which covered the expenses of Retaj’s treatment through URDA.
Though Retaj is translated to “a closed-door”, her recovery will open the door for her for a new life full of open doors and opportunities.

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