Tasnim: A Student, a Sister and a Mother

It all started when I noticed my 11-year-old student, Tasnim, is not eating any of the items included in the Snack Bag we distribute to children in the Bus on the pretext of sharing the bags’ content with her brother at home, which urged me to pay her caregiver a visit to inquire about this matter to make sure she is okay.

Tasnim is a very hardworking girl who is always looking for the best. She loves going to school and gaining knowledge and displays a quite joyful spirit. After the death of her parents, Tasnim and her little brother find refuge at their grandmother’s home which lacks basic living standards.

While chatting with her grandmother, I found out that Tasnim has been saving her snack bags to sell them after school so she can earn enough money to buy her little brother a new pair of shoes since she considers herself responsible for him, mainly after the death of her parents.

Despite being deeply touched by Tasnim’s gesture, I had a little talk with her to make her understand that denying herself those snack bags will not bring her or her family joy. I then offered my help to buy her little brother shoes after making her promise me to share her future thoughts, concerns and questions with me so we can reach a better solution together.

During my everyday ride in the bus, I get to know my students even more; I get to see who they are, what they want and what they can be. I find my daily motivation to become a better teacher in those little souls who have so much potential, affection and determination that can inspire whoever gets to know them.

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