The Story Continues: Anass and his Piggy Bank

Our relationship with our orphans has never been a typical work-related relationship, it is absolutely humanitarian, and we consider protecting them as our goal.

Once we finished distributing donated bicycles to our orphans and before leaving the refugee camp, Anass followed us on his brand-new bike that we had just offered to him while carrying his piggy bank which he wanted to give us in return of the gift.

From afar, Anass’s mother was following him, and when she arrived, she apologized to us and prayed for us and everyone who contributed to this work.

She told us that her little Anass has been saving money for months to make his promise of buying me a house instead of this flimsy tent and making all my dreams come true after the death of his father.

I think that this gift you offered today was the most that a child of his age could dream of, so as soon as we reached our ,tent he took his money and followed you to express his joy and thanks to you

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