URDA’s Education Sector Organizes a Training on Distance Education in Aarsal

Since the need for distance learning tools has become urgent in the light of the measures taken by schools to deal with COVID-19 and to provide a variety of educational resources for students in Aarsal, URDA’s education sector, in coordination with Al-Nour School Administration in Aarsal, organized a training session for 28 teachers to equip them with the necessary skills to design lessons and develop online content for students, thereby raising the effectiveness of the online learning process.

The course was handled by instructor Abed Dabdoub, who summarized the course’s themes to titles, including topics related to how to obtain information, use and employ resources, as well as some practical applications.

URDA’s Education Manager, Mrs. Hanan Al Omari stressed the importance of such training sessions to ensure the quality of education at Al Nour School and to improve the level of the methodology used for the benefit of students in a distinctive way even during distance learning.

It is worth mentioning that the education sector is preparing for more training sessions due to the importance of finding new ways to communicate information and attract students without losing the benefit of the education process.

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