“The Word Puzzle,” an Innovation at Al Nour School

During the beginning of my daily tour around classes and halls at the summer course at Al Nour School in Arsal, I was inspired by an educational tool that is stimulating and exciting to students’ minds and their lexicon. From white and green cardstock and some decorations, our Arabic teacher Sawssan was able to create an educational tool. Our students managed to assemble around 38 words from scattered letters and cardstock. “

Teacher Sawssan says, “I was struggling with students in the first cycle due to their reading and pronunciation challenges and have been working with them so that we could build meaningful Arabic sentences. Here, by gaining some skills from the active learning training sessions, I created this game which I have called “word puzzle,” where it became easier for a student to move the characters up or down to form a word, and then the other one would move it back to form a second word until we manage to form a set of consecutive words and make up a sentence. “

This endeavor is the result of abundant creativity in any teacher, where perseverance leads creativity to explode leading to great results.

I have seen the students so excited and driven to get on the white board, which I have never seen before. It is through play that our children learn with motivation and love, where information is acquired and stored in minds without the slightest bit of boredom. We all remember how we used to acquire information in our practice of educational games and without any thought of its influence or result.

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