URDA’s Protection Sector Provides Psychosocial Support Sessions for Members of the Druze Women’s Association

The gender-based violence program in the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon, in collaboration with the Druze Women’s Association and the Social Health Center, distributed food parcels to Lebanese women in the Majdelbeana area after participating in psychosocial support sessions through Zoom in Mount Lebanon. The sessions addressed a number of social concepts of social stress, as well as the importance of taking care of mental health and accepting the other.

The sessions were positively received, as participants expressed the extent to which they had benefited from these sessions, which gave them hope that life can continue in the current circumstances. The sessions also discussed topics and ideas that will be the focus of future sessions.

The gender-based violence program continues to provide psychosocial support sessions on various topics in various Lebanese regions to beneficiaries of all nationalities.

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