Under the Title “Drops of Hope” URDA Launches its 2021/2022 Winter campaign

Under the title “Drops of Hope,” the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon is launching its 2021-2022 Winter Campaign, with the aim of providing basic assistance in response to the winter crisis and the dangers it poses. It is expected that the campaign will benefit the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon offering food, shelter, heating and other relief services that will bring hope to the beneficiaries and sustain their lives despite the difficult challenges that face them.

The campaign will be offering food parcels, winter clothing, blankets and other sleep kits, as well as heaters, heating fuel, tents, caravans, tent maintenance, home repairs, accommodation as well as hygiene and sterilization supplies to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The campaign focuses on the affected and poor segments in various Lebanese regions, especially those experiencing a rough winter where temperatures reach below zero.

In this context, with the support of generous people as in every year, URDA is keen to carry out such a campaign at the beginning of every winter to alleviate the suffering of needy Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians and to contribute to saving the lives of thousands of children, women and the elderly in the most affected areas.

This reality poses a major challenge to all institutions working in the humanitarian field and requires them to mobilize more resources and mobilize a great deal of energy in order to help preserve the dignity of these groups and reduce the risks.

Given the difficult situation of Lebanese and refugees in Lebanon, which is experiencing its worst economic crisis, URDA appeals to donors around the world to support the “Drops of Hope” campaign so that it can reach families in need and provide them with hope, dignity, safety and reassurance.

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Help thousands of families around Lebanon this winter and help us provide them with safety, hope, dignity and reassurance.

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