URDA and NORWAC Launch Mental Health Project and RHUH Support Project

In response to the crises of Beirut blast and Covid19 surge in Lebanon, URDA continues to implement humanitarian projects to help the remission of the impact of the crises, especially, on the healthcare system. As part of these efforts, URDA and cooperating partner Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC) are providing direct support to Rafik Hariri University Hospital, with funds donated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Knowing that RHUH is a strategic line of defense against Covid19 widespread as declared by MoPH, URDA and NORWAC recently started a project to support the hospital with vital infrastructure equipment and supplies to strengthen its capability and increase its capacity. The project included the provision of an electrical generator, oxygen generator, hospital laundry machine, bedsheets, and scrub suits for the medical staff.

Complementary to the importance of supporting RHUH healthcare system, there is a need to promote the mental health of affected individuals after the catastrophic blast that hit the port of Beirut on the 4th of August. URDA and NORWAC launched mental health project to support the psychiatric ward at RHUH to provide hospitalization and medication to affected patients.

Dr. Abdullah A-Omari, URDA healthcare PM, stated that these projects align with URDA healthcare program strategy in covering the gap found in the Lebanese healthcare system and strengthening it to promote the well-being of all.

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