URDA’s Protection Sector Continues its GBV-SRH Project with UNFPA

URDA is continuing with the distribution events within the “GBV-SRH Project” funded by UNFPA. The second distribution event took place in Ketermeya open-door playground in Ketermeya village on Wednesday, July 29th  where 133 women and adolescent girls received the hygiene kit.

The event started with a welcoming speech that highlighted the importance of women’s physical and psychological health for her to be an active member of her community. An awareness session was then conducted tackling the COVID-19 outbreak and focusing on the routes of transmission, symptoms, preventive measures, and hygiene practices that should be followed. The event was concluded with the distribution of hygiene kits on women.

During the distribution event, the COVID-19 preventive measures were respected, including wearing personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) and ensuring social distancing between attendees.

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