“The Month of Togetherness” Campaign’s Most Prominent Achievements During the First 10 Days of Ramadan

Within its seasonal projects and titled Ramadan “The Month of Togetherness”, URDA implements its Ramadan projects in different Lebanese regions. The projects aim to support the most vulnerable communities by providing their needs of food parcels and daily hot iftar meals. During the first days of Ramadan, 8949 hot meals, 13954 food parcels, 1400 portions … Read more

Huthaifa’s Mother Offers Life to Her Son Twice

“Paradise lies under the feet of mothers,” and Huthaifa’s ideal mother, who donated one of her kidneys to get her son back to her again. Huthaifa had kidney failure and was in a bad health situation; his treatment was expensive, but his mother wanted him back healthy. Twenty-two-year-old Huthaifa’s journey with kidney failure lasted for years. … Read more

A Different Kind of Sewing through Recycling Plastic!

“Sewing is art, and it has always been my source of happiness.” Afaf, one of the women participating in the plastic recycling workshops, expresses. “I have perfected sewing at a young age, but it’s the first time I sew using plastic bags. I gather the bags, wash, and then dry them to transform them into flowers, … Read more

URDA’s February Achievements for February 2022 !

Share on whatsapp Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Our Newsletter is out now! Have you checked our latest URDA Newsletter? It’s full of news and information as well as all the details you need about our campaigns and ways to support the underprivileged population in Lebanon. Check Out Our Newsletter Read … Read more

A Fun Day for 50 Orphans in Bekaa

Last week in Bekaa, URDA’s Sponsorship Sector hosted an exciting day for 50 orphans of both Lebanese and Syrian nationalities. To reduce the psychological and social strains on children caused by harsh economic conditions and other crises, the event included entertainment activities, singing, and cultural performances. One of the volunteers stressed that such activities ensure … Read more

The Sponsorship Sector’s Projects Provide a Great Support to the Most Vulnerable Groups

The Sponsorship Sector has been regularly conducting various activities to offer joy to orphans, widows, and the most vulnerable families. These types of activities help to foster a sense of community among society’s members. Furthermore, financial sponsorships were granted to 810 orphans, 390 families, and 410 widows throughout February 2022. Since donations are not limited … Read more

URDA’s Education Sector Includes Students with Disability in its Educational Programs

URDA’s Education Sector included 20 disabled kids from Al-Rawafed School in Bekaa in its educational programs. The pupils have different disabilities including limited mobility, visual impairment, and speech impairment. A team of teachers and professionals helps students to improve their life and academic skills using a creative curriculum and tactics of a professional teaching cadre. … Read more

Protection Sector Provides Coaching Session on Gender-Based Violence Information Management System

As part of the protection sector’s capacity building goal for the year of 2022, a coaching session on the Gender-Based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) was delivered by Ms. Lamis Aldelbani on behalf of UNFPA, to the case workers from different regions who will be reporting on the GBVIMS – Incident Recorder. Share on whatsapp … Read more

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